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Our Purpose

Focusing on Fighting Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

One family’s tragedy turned into a mission to proactively reach out to young people and educate them about the dangers of substance abuse, including the increasing instances of opioid addiction. Through education and awareness programs, The Palmetto Foundation works to increase awareness and support recovery in our communities.


To save youth from the devastating effects of substance abuse and addiction by inspiring and empowering them to make resilient choices that will benefit them throughout their lives.


To foster a significant reduction of substance abuse and addiction rates, especially those resulting in opioid-related deaths, across South Carolina.

Did you know?

Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade


Chase Loveless died of an opioid overdose on January 22, 2014. He was a tall, strong, smart young man with great potential. His parents wanted that potential to live on, and their energy and initiative evolved into the Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery – a grassroots group of ordinary citizens who want to positively impact those struggling and living with opioid addiction and recovery.

Did you know?

The cost of opioid abuse to America is $78 Billion Dollars a year.


We engage in efficient, professional work and best practices in the prevention, intervention and recovery fight against the opioid crisis.

Prevention Focused

Community Driven

Recovery Oriented

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Our Team

Martine Helou
Executive Director

Bruce Loveless
Board President

Lee Macilwinen
Board Vice President

Bill Pruett
Board Treasurer


John Sowards
Board Member

Dr. Akil Ross
Board Member

Pastor Ben Sloan
Board Member

Trey Harrell
Board Member

Dr. Jim Hayes Sr.
Board Member

Jennifer Woodard
Board Member