Helping Reduce Substance Abuse and Opioid Addiction

Substance abuse and opioid addiction are on the rise, but the Palmetto Foundation is committed to impacting young adults who deal with this danger every day. Our proactive programs educate people about the high cost of opiate addiction while helping them find ways to prevent or recover from any substance abuse disorder.

Our Purpose

The Palmetto Foundation is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to early prevention and intervention in the fight against substance abuse and addiction.

Our Programs

The Palmetto Foundation offers a range of services and programs that increase awareness, promote outreach and support long-term recovery in the fight against substance abuse and addiction, especially related to opioids.

  • Interactive prevention initiative
  • Peer mentoring program
  • Community action forums
  • First responders resources
  • Collegiate recovery services

Prevention Focused

Community Driven

Recovery Oriented

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