Lessons from the SOS Forum 4/8/18

Tonight about 175 gathered to hear several panelists speak on SOS (Saving Our Students).
We heard multiple testimonies from SLED and LRADAC about how the medical marijuana laws had multiple loop holes and that legalizing medical marijuana is a smokescreen toward legalizing marijuana for the general public.  Marijuana is definitely a gateway drug.  I have yet to meet a counselor who will not deny that 100% of those addicted to heroin have also tried to find the high from marijuana first.

But more than this, we heard from a psychiatrist about some of the root causes of drug addiction as a mental health issue.  Anxiety, depression, disappointment over performance or grades, are examples.  The psychiatrist begged parents to spend “face to face” time with our young, and to look for opportunities to praise them.

Tonight we also publicly introduced the Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery and our new Executive Director, Martine Helou.  Martine did a great job telling about the foundation and our emphasis on prevention (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of recovery).  Martine spoke of everyone working together to defeat the epidemic of drug addiction and specifically opioid addiction.  She spoke of the role of faith and the plans to produce a documentary designed for schools.

While the crowd was down because of Chapin Zoning meetings and other community meetings at the same time, the crowd was very interested and enthusiastic about working together to stop the abuse and addiction that is killing our young, painfully twisting our families, and wasting lives.

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