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Let's do something.  The sad thing is that many are afraid of the false stigma of opioid addiction.  Some universities do not want to face the problem that up to 30% of their students are addicted and 7% will stay addicted and drop out.  So this foundation is necessary.  The Government of SC has allocated $150,000 of a $26.3 BILLION budget for opioid abuse prevention and recovery among higher education institutions.  Universities are also giving only a trifle of their overall budgets.  Yet young people are dying.  A grassroots movement is needed to do something to stop the addiction to killer drugs.

Today the Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery Board met and appointed Bruce Loveless as President; Lee Macilwinen as Vice President, Bill Pruett as Treasurer, and Martine Helou as Secretary.   We also hired Martine Helou as our Executive Director.

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