K-12 PREVENTION- Save Our Students

K-12 We focus primarily on providing prevention resources.

S.O.S.- Save Our Students (From Opioids)
We had one midlands community meeting in January
We will have another 4/10/18 6 PM at Chapin UMC on Old Lexington Rd.  We will have a panel of experts- law enforcement, medical, recovery specialists.

We are providing educational materials for families, curriculum for schools, and resources to teach children, youth, and young adults about the ongoing problems of addiction to opioids.

We are producing vignettes and a movie/documentary about opioid abuse's causes and problems.

Did you know?  116 people die each day from an opioid related overdose (more than gunshot or car wrecks for teens).   75% of heroin users started by misusing prescription opioids. SC has more painkiller prescriptions than we have people in the state (7 million opioid prescriptions in 2016).  The costs to society is $504 billion and climbing [CEA Report 2017].


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The Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery provides educational and helpful resources for INTERVENTION.

We are for trying to intervene as much as possible in ways that will not ruin the life of the one facing the problem.  Our preference is to provide resources for families to intervene as early as possible to stop addictive practices with opioids.

Did you know?  Only one in ten receive treatment at the proper time they need it?

We encourage legislation and funds for the providing of the life saving anti-opioid, Narcan, to be provided to law enforcement and college clinics.

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The Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery is active in trying to help people recover from opioid abuse.

Referrals- We can provide counselors or rehab facilities upon request.

We are especially active in working with the legislature and DEA and LRADAC to keep recovery efforts and best practices in the colleges and universities of our state in the forefront.  We advocate for more funding and also good stewardship and oversight of those funds.

Did you know Opioid Abuse killed more than 30,000 between 2002 and 2015 and especially those 18-25 of upper middle class families?
Did you know the overdose rate for college age doubled?  Did you know that the use of the killer synthetic opioid fentanol has gone up over 600% in the last three years (2015-2018- according to SLED]?



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Both the President of the United States and the Governor of South Carolina have declared Opioid Abuse a "Public Health Crisis."  We want to help as a non-profit, grassroots group to do what we can to make sure people are being helped.  Our board members are volunteers who have been touched by this crisis in one way or another.  Our Chair, Bruce Loveless, had a son die of an opioid overdose while a student at the University of South Carolina.

Our focus is on Prevention, Intervention and Recovery.  We raise funds, make grants, suggest best practices, and provide resources to help stop or slow the Opioid Crisis.

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Next Steps...

If you would like to give to the Palmetto Foundation for Prevention and Recovery, you may click here.  Please designate your funds "Palmetto Foundation PR."  Funds will be temporarily given to Lake Murray Presbyterian Church and sent on to the bank until the full 501C3 status is achieved by the end of 2018.

If you would like to help write, call, or fight for prevention, intervention, or recovery, please email our Executive Director, Martin Helou Director@palmettofoundationpr.org